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I am awaiting some ballsy competitor to make a mid-high budget over the very best sports game like the NBA/ Madden 21 coins street franchise. The Bigs 2 didn't even go that over the top and it was amazing, but for routine vanilla sports games there's only so much that you can do if trying to adhere to a'loyal depiction of ________'.

Ordinarily a series would have to brag in their brand new gameplay to draw people in, EA can not do that because they adhere to the same principles for the same league for the identical sport. So instead they brag about them switching their kick mechanisms forth and back between joystick and button every year.

If people stopped sending them fifty dollar bills to wash their eyes with, they'd probably find a reason to stop crying about"dooming the marketplace".

The day EA obtained the exclusive rights to run NFL games was the day Madden also stopped trying. I think later like Madden 08 we've been playing the identical game ever since. It's trash now. Boring, predictable trash.

The NFL deserves all of the blame, Any anger in EA for the downfall of NFL2K is misdirected.The NFL wasn't happy with NFL 2k5 lowering their cost, they felt that the NFL was a premium brand and should not have a price.

I actually preferred buy Mut 21 coins during that time, but the two matches were fantastic. It is a damn shame that Madden peaked about that time, it's been downhill ever since. Competition, because it seems, is very good for the consumer. Shocking.

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By rsgoldfast
Added Nov 29 '20



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